Designing a storytelling dice

4 May 2021

Some months ago while talking about 3D printing with a friend of mine (hi Agata!) she suggested me that I could design and print a storytelling dice as one of my first 3D projects because it's quite easy to do, and post pandemic it would be fun to play with friends.

So I looked at a CAD I could use, as someone who never used a CAD before, and discovered solvespace.

In a couple of hours I made the dice and the first face, but then I stopped working on it since I had to setup my new VPS. Last Friday I took some time to complete it:

image storytelling dice made using solvespace

I printed it using white PLA:

photo of the printed dice showing house, shoe and monster faces

Unfortunately my printer made the house face (the one laid on the printer bed) a bit more sticking out, I will try to print using supports next time rotating the dice to make it lay on an edge.

photo of the printed dice showing pacifier, shoe and pinwheel faces

The dice is released under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 and you can find all the files (included the STL ready to be printed) in the repository of the project.