From Django to Hugo

1 Apr 2015

About eight years ago I wrote my own blog (and my website) using Django. It was time to change so I completely rewrote it with Hugo, a static website engine made by spf13.

Why going static?

I use this site mainly to write about stuff I think interesting and when I have to write I want to use Vim. So while Django is a wonderful framework, it was not the right choice for this site. In fact, I wrote less and less...

I know, I could use Django REST framework with a Vim plugin, but a markdown file for each post is easier! :)

You can find the code of the site on GitHub and GitLab.


It's clear by now who won the DVCS war, so I started to use git and I will migrate my repositories soon (I already started the migration). My plan is to keep my code both on Bitbucket, GitHub and GitLab: since git is distributed, I will use it in the proper way.

Still a Work In Progress

No, this site is not completed yet, even an about page is missing! I will add more content on my spare time, so stay tuned! :)