kioku: a simple and customizable memory game

22 May 2021

Unfortunately one of the parents of a friend of mine was diagnosed with Alzheimer. The good news is that it's still at the first stage so keeping the brain active will help a lot.

The classic memory game with covered cards can be useful, but I thought that it could be more pleasant with cards showing something close to affections, for example photos or drawings of what you care about.

Welcome kioku

kioku (記憶) — it means memory in Japanese — it's a memory game where you can create your own levels released under the GPL3 license. I had to make it run also on Android so I used Python with the kivy framework to support both Linux and Android.

Here a screenshot of the game screen on Linux playing a custom level made with photo of cats1: The game screen of kioku on Linux playing a level with cats


The code is at and the README cover already topics like build and install, level creation and level load, so I'm not repeating them here.


The used photos are released under Creative Commons licenses, see the details here.