Libero SMTP pain :(

28 Dec 2006

Since few days the SMTP server of my ISP has problems. When I post in several mailing lists I get this message: RCPT address has non-existant domain. So now I'm using exim4 from my laptop when I get that error, but I hope to get a VPS soon to solve the problem's root. ;)

Update: The SMTP of my provider sends only if it finds a MX record in the addressee's domain. I searched a little and I discovered that RFC 974 says:

It is possible that the list of MXs in the response to the query will be empty. This is a special case. If the list is empty, mailers should treat it as if it contained one RR, an MX RR with a preference value of 0, and a host name of REMOTE. (I.e., REMOTE is its only MX). In addition, the mailer should do no further processing on the list, but should attempt to deliver the message to REMOTE. The idea here is that if a domain fails to advertise any information about a particular name we will give it the benefit of the doubt and attempt delivery.

So I hope to get, as soon as possible, a VPS to setup and use a SMTP server that follows the RFC!