Look at your EU Digital COVID Certificate

4 Jul 2021

I wanted to look at my EU Digital COVID Certificate1 that just arrived the other day, so after looking at the specification I wrote a simple decoder that ignore the signing part (I was only interested to look at the data itself) and print the relevant data.


The code is at https://noa.mornie.org/eriol/eudccdec and is licensed under the GPLv3 license. Since it's written in rust you can install cargo, and then:

cargo install --branch main --git https://noa.mornie.org/eriol/eudccdec


Using the Italian test data, curl and zbarimg2:

curl -sL https://github.com/eu-digital-green-certificates/dgc-testdata/raw/main/IT/png/1.png | \
  zbarimg --quiet --raw - | eudccdec

you will get:

Certificate {
    ver: "1.0.0",
    nam: Name {
        fn_: "Di Caprio",
        fnt: "DI<CAPRIO",
        gn: "Maril├╣ Teresa",
        gnt: "MARILU<TERESA",
    dob: "1977-06-16",
    v: [
        VaccineRecord {
            tg: "840539006",
            vp: "1119349007",
            mp: "EU/1/20/1528",
            ma: "ORG-100030215",
            dn: 2,
            sd: 2,
            dt: "2021-04-10",
            co: "IT",
            is: "IT",
            ci: "01ITE7300E1AB2A84C719004F103DCB1F70A#6",
    r: [],
    t: [],

To know what the fields mean look at the JSON schema specifications for EU Digital COVID Certificates available here.


They are called also Green Pass.


On a Debian based system use sudo apt install curl zbar-tools to install them.